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The Experience

Samford Harvest is an opportunity to celebrate local produce from in and around the

Samford Valley. 

 The menu is thoughtfully created and prepared by chef Alastair McLeod utilising hand sourced, seasonal ingredients. 

Throughout the evening, the farmers and growers whose produce features in the dinner will speak about their craft, giving guests a greater insight into the ingredients.

Samford Harvest is about bringing diners together to celebrate local food at its finest. 

The Food

Overseeing the kitchen is well known Brisbane chef, Alastair McLeod. A proud resident of the Samford Valley, Alastair has a passion for the produce grown on his doorstep and showcasing it to a wider audience. 

The Samford Harvest menu changes with the season, but the ethos remains the same: to shine the spotlight squarely on the local ingredients.

Whether it's grass-fed beef, a bounty of brassicas, honey straight from the hive or dragonfruit that come in all colours of the rainbow, the Samford Valley has a wealth of produce to choose from. 

To find out what's on the upcoming Samford Harvest menu click here

Alastair McLeod
AlFreshCo Catering

The Growers

We haven't looked far and wide for food producers, nor have we searched high and low. Actually, we've gone no further than our very own backyard! 

Despite being just over 20kms from Brisbane CBD, the Samford Valley region houses a wealth of farmers and growers who produce an impressive array of food. 

Some of the producers we feature include:


Millen Farm
Lot 81 Microfarm
Loop Growers
Blue Dog Farm
Woggoon Farm
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